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Soft routing for workplace automation N5105 4x Intel 2.5G

Soft routing can use different linkage rules and strategies, combined with ofice automation equipment, to achieve automation in the workplace. Here are some examples:

1. Automated lighting: Soft routing can be combined with intelligent lighting systems to automatically control lighting based on staff behavior and time planning. For example, when an employee enters a meeting room, the lights can automatically turn on, and when the employee leaves, the lights can automatically turn off.

Factory PfSense Firewall Router N5105 4x Intel 2.5G i226 LAN 2xDDR4 NVMe Industrial Fanless Mini PC HDMI2.0 OPNsense PVE ESXi

Product Highlight

-4xIntel i225-V B3/i226-V 2.5G RJ45 LANs, 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, 1xRJ45 COM console.
-2xDDR4 SODIMM non-ecc ram slot, support 2400/2666/2933MHz.
-Support two storage: 1xM.2 NVMe/PCIe3.0x2 2280 SSD+1×2.5”SATA3.0 7mm SSD/HDD.
-Support 1xHDMI2.0 and 1xDP dual 4K@60Hz video display.
-1xSIM slot, 1xMPCIE wireless slot, support WiFi/3G/4G(3 choose 1) connection.
-Support AES-NI, ESXI, PVE, Watchdog, Auto power on, RTC, PXE boot, Wake-on-LAN etc.
-Full Aluminum Alloy high quality solid-built shell, excellent cooling performance, Exquisite production craft on outside design.
-Fanless system without cooling fan, noiselessness and durability fit for industrial grade field, work as long as 7×24 hours.
-Low consumption TDP and can be mounted back of monitor by VESA bracket(optional).

2. Automatic temperature control: Soft routing can be combined with an intelligent temperature control system to control indoor temperature according to a preset schedule, or automatically adjust indoor temperature and humidity through detection. This can save energy costs while optimizing the working environment for employees.

3.Remote office: Soft routing can achieve remote access and monitoring. Managers can access the company’s network through soft routing apps, manage employees’ computers and devices, and monitor network traffic. Employees who work remotely can access the company’s intranet through the VPN function of soft routing and securely communicate with the company’s network and resources.

4.Network management: Soft routing can achieve network security and traffic management. Soft routing can install network devices such as DNS servers, firewalls, routers, etc. to help managers protect the security of office networks and control network bandwidth.

5.Overall, soft routing can combine different automation devices and services to achieve office automation. This can optimize the working environment of employees, improve productivity and efficiency, while protecting the security of the company’s network and data

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