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Woo!! Soft routing has many interesting and Firewall Router

  1. Custom routing rules: Soft routing can customize routing rules based on user needs, such as setting DMZ hosts, binding IP addresses, port forwarding, etc. These rules can accurately control network traffic and help users better achieve network management.
  2. VPN service: Soft routing can provide VPN service, enabling network traffic to be encrypted and transmitted through secure tunnels. Users can remotely access private networks or use VPN services on public networks to protect their privacy.
  1. Firewall function: Soft routing can provide firewall function to prevent attacks and threats from the Internet, such as denial of service attacks, port scans, malicious software, etc. Users can improve the efficiency and accuracy of the firewall by setting custom rules.
  2. Multimedia playback: Soft routing can be equipped with additional storage devices and provide multimedia playback functions, such as using media center software such as Kodi and Plex to play movies, music, images, etc.
  3. home automation: soft routing can cooperate with home automation equipment (such as smart door locks, smart bulbs, smart sockets, etc.) to achieve home automation control, such as automatic timing, remote control, linkage triggering, etc

Overall, soft routing provides users with more customized and scalable network management functions, enabling them to better manage and secure their networks in their homes, offices, or small businesses.
Soft routing can be combined with home automation equipment to achieve some intelligent scenarios, thus enabling home automation. Here are some examples:
X2B-DP Factory PfSense Firewall Router N5105 4x Intel

Product Highlight

–4xIntel i226-V 2.5G UDE filter pure RJ45 LANs, 2xUSB3.0, 2xUSB2.0, 1xUSB Type-C, 1xTF card slot.
-2xDDR4 SODIMM non-ecc ram slot, support 2400/2666/2933MHz.
-Support triple storage: 2xM.2 NVMe/PCIe3.0x1 2280 SSD+1×2.5”SATA SSD/HDD.
-1xM.2 2232 slot, support WiFi connection, also support transfer to 1xM.2 NVMe/PCIe3.0x1 2280 SSD with PCB adapter board.
-Support three display: 1xHDMI2.0, 1xDP1.4, 1xType-C, 3x4K@60Hz UHD video display.
-Support wide voltage 12-19V input.
-Support TPM2.0, AES-NI, ESXI, PVE, Watchdog, Auto power on, RTC, PXE boot, Wake-on-LAN etc.
-Full Aluminum Alloy high quality solid-built shell with three-sided Y-section ice thorns, excellent cooling performance,
Exquisite production craft on outside design.
-Fanless system without cooling fan, noiselessness and durability fit for industrial grade field, work as long as 7×24 hours.
-Low consumption

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