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How about a $300 mini PC? Replacing desktop computers for half a month, let’s talk about my feelings

To be honest, although smartphones are becoming increasingly powerful, and even a long time ago, some people have been saying that smartphones will replace computers in the future. However, even though smartphones are so powerful today, they still cannot replace computers to complete many tasks, especially as productivity tools, computers have always been mainstream. It must be admitted that mobile phones have replaced some functions that computers could only do in the past, such as watching movies and watching TV shows. They can serve as productivity tools, capable of completing complex calculations, professional software applications, and efficient data processing tasks. If it is for office use, a computer must be equipped at home.How about a $300 mini console? 

As for many people who don’t like to have a desktop computer at home, they mainly feel that the desktop computer takes up too much space. Many people will buy a laptop, but they also feel that the screen of the laptop is too small. Replacing desktop computers for half a month, let’s talk about my feelings.However, this year, mini PC, a new form of mini PC, have become popular, with a small size but strong performance, which can fully meet daily office and entertainment needs. The key is that the price is very reasonable, much cheaper than a laptop, after all, it lacks a screen and keyboard, and also reduces a lot of costs. You can buy a high-performance mini PC console for around $300.

However, after all, mini consoles are a relatively novel product, and many people may not easily accept them at first. Having grown accustomed to large and bulky desktop computers, they may have many concerns about the performance, heat dissipation, and other aspects of such small consoles. I am the same as everyone else, but the simple way is to buy a big brand. I have been paying attention to products like mini handheld consoles before. TOPTON is a very good brand. Recently, I watched their new product launch and even released a mini console. The appearance pays tribute to the classic Apple Macintosh. As a fruit fan, I really like this design and the price is not expensive. The quasi system is only over 1300 yuan. I bought a 16G+512G version, It’s only $300, equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7 5700U processor, a previous generation AMD flagship U with sufficient performance. It’s been half a month since I got it. Today, I’ll take some time to talk to you about this mini console, which can be used as a home computer instead of a desktop computer. How is it really going?

In fact, many brands have been working on entry-level mini PC that have been popular this year. Mini PC equipped with Intel N100 processors are very cheap and can be purchased for around $230 or less. However, after considering it, buying an N100 is really not as good as buying the previous generation AMD flagship processor, and the price is not much different, but the performance has definitely doubled. My TOPTON mini PC AM01 has a very small body, even smaller than two cans of soda cans. It will be very novel when first touched. Its size is 132mm × 132mm × 60.5mm, with a volume of 1L, it is slightly larger than other brands of mini consoles on the market, but the overall design of the body is very different.

In appearance, it is identical to the classic Apple Macintosh, and the color of the body has also been restored to the classic Macintosh color. At the logo of the Macintosh, TOPTON has designed a DIY magnetic decorative small piece, while the position of the Macintosh’s floppy disk is made into a power button, and the screen area is also decorated with colorful decorative stickers. The entire design perfectly restores the classic, which I personally love.

Although the body is compact, the AM01 has a very comprehensive interface. Let’s first take a look at the front of the body. The front of the body is equipped with a USB 3.2Gen1 Type-C interface, a non full function C port, and a 3.5mm audio interface.

There are four USB ports installed at the back of the device, three of which are USB 3.2Gen2 ports, and a special USB 2.0 port is reserved. In addition to the USB port on the front of the device, there are a total of five USB ports, which are sufficient for use. The video interface has two video output interfaces, HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4, supporting 4K 60Hz video output. The network port is a gigabit network port, and this host also supports WiFi6.

For mini PC, due to size limitations, their expansion capabilities and interfaces are definitely not as good as desktop computers. However, the AYANEO AM01 interface is sufficient, with 5 USB ports and 2 video output ports, supporting external dual screens. In terms of scalability, my AM01 has a configuration of 16GB+512GB, with dual memory slots and dual hard drives, and sufficient scalability. It can support up to 64GB of memory and two external hard drives, The main hard drive supports the PCIe 3.0 protocol, and a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive slot is also included. The official also comes with a hard drive bracket. This configuration should be sufficient to support the daily needs of most users.

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