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The most severe drop was still in DDR5 memory!

Netizens have posted a 32G Golden Baida light strip, which is too outrageous in price!

Recently, when I read news, it may be because I am more concerned about hard drives and memory, and always push me news about the sharp decline in solid-state and memory modules, especially the continuous decline in memory prices, which are almost one-third cheaper than last year.

I thought the price of the latest DDR5 memory this year would be more stable, but I found that the most severe decline was actually in DDR5 memory, which may have dropped by half. The price of SSD solid-state drives has also fallen absurdly. I saw some netizens selling 1TB for 100 yuan, which is very outrageous. Anyway, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it.

Since China’s particles have matured, it’s hard to see news that other countries’ hot production has led to significant price increases in solid-state and memory. Moreover, there is a crucial reason why many Chinese people have now realized the importance of supporting domestic products, giving Chinese manufacturers enough sales, capital and confidence to engage in research and development, thereby lowering prices, seizing the market, and launching more low-priced and high-quality products.

Taking advantage of the low cost of memory modules and solid-state drives, I also upgraded my computer. When I installed it, DDR5 memory was just coming out and the price was very high.

A 16GB 4800MHz memory module would cost nearly a thousand yuan. If I bought two 16GB memory modules and didn’t do anything, I would have to use 2000 yuan. Fortunately, the Chinese brand is now too awesome. The price of DDR5 memory continues to drop. Seeing the 32 GB (16GBX2) DDR5 6400 MHz desktop RGB light blade series of KINGBANK 6400 MHz, two of them are less than 800 yuan, and the frequency is 6400 MHz, much better than 4800 MHz. I have obtained two configurations and replaced the previous 8GB one. The two 16GB ones are combined with a 32G dual channel, and this configuration has been used for several years without any problems.

Many people are concerned that memory modules produced in China, such as Jinbaida, are so cheap and easy to use? 

After I installed it, I have been using it for almost a month. Let’s talk about my subjective usage experience. In fact, memory modules mainly focus on particles, followed by heat dissipation. If possible, you can buy an RGB light strip, which will look better than a regular vest strip. These two blade series light strips from Jinbaida have very good particles, using Hercules A-die particles, which have strong overclocking potential. And it supports the Intel XMP3.0/AMD platform, supports the XMP3.0 specification, automatically overclocking with PNP, and also has the illusion of RGB lighting effect. After getting on the computer, the effect is very beautiful.

On machine testing, the timing is 32-39-39-80, and XMP mode can be directly activated to reach a frequency of 6400MHz. 

In terms of overclocking, as long as the motherboard is fine, there is generally no problem with overclocking up to 7800 C36, and even up to 8000+is fine. When I bought it before, some netizens online said that the D5 memory module power supply chip of Jinbaida does not have a heat dissipation pad. They specially opened the vest and looked at it, and saw that there is a heat dissipation pad, which gives me peace of mind. Indeed, especially DDR5 memory now, heat dissipation is really important.

To be honest, as long as the memory module particles are good enough, don’t choose a high-end brand that is too outrageous in terms of price. Unless you have a lot of money, I think Chinese products like Jinbaida are really popular. Nowadays, Chinese products are really strong. I have been using it for over a month, and I usually play games without any problems. It’s very stable.

If you don’t want RGB, you might be able to reduce it. However, I still like Jinbaida’s one with illusion RGB light effects. Watching it at night will make the whole machine more atmospheric. Now, the price of DDR5 memory has been greatly reduced, and it is still 6400Mhz. Compared to DDR4 3200Mhz, its performance is much stronger.

Jinbaida has made a good start to the popularization of high-end DDR5 memory modules. Take your time, as Chinese products become stronger, the cost-effectiveness of high-end memory modules will continue to be higher in the future.

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