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How can Office mini PC require such advanced configuration?

What are the requirements of netizens for mini PCs?? Oh my God!! I’ll solve it, come on!!

The following are the questions raised by most netizen customers and their requirements for mini PC products:

1. Processor: At least use Intel’s eighth generation or higher version of four or six core processors, such as i5 or i7.

2. Memory: At least 8GB DDR4 memory, which can smoothly run various applications.

3. Storage: 256GB or larger SSD storage space for storing office files and applications.

4. Graphics card: The built-in graphics card can meet basic office needs. If you need to perform graphic rendering or design work, you can choose a standalone graphics card.

5. Network connection: At least support wifi and wired network connections, facilitating office work and file transfer.

6. Interface: At least multiple USB interfaces, HDMI or DisplayPort, audio output, and other interfaces are available for easy connection to external devices.

The above configuration of Woo can basically meet the needs of general office work, while other factors such as machine performance, heat dissipation, noise, etc. also need to be considered. Eall believes that if it can meet the above requirements, it will definitely be TOPTON S500+MINI PC, as shown in the introduction and usage scenarios below;

Office mini PC 7nm AMD R-yzen7 5800H 16GDDR4 512GSSD VEGA 8 TPM2.0 Window11/10 2*DDR4 2*M.2 NVME TPM2.0 3x4K Desktop Computer

What is in the package
1x Mini PC
1x AC adapter
1x Power cable
1x SATA power&data cable
1x VESA bracket

ProcessorsCores & ThreadsL3 CacheMax TDPMax Turbo FrequencyGraphics
Core i7-11370H4 cores, 8 threads12M35W4.80 GHzNVI-DIA GeForce MX450 2G
Core i5-12500H12 cores, 16 threads18M45W4.50 GHzNVI-DIA GeForce GTX 1060 4G
Core i7-12700H14 cores, 20 threads24M45W4.70 GHzNVI-DIA GeForce GTX 1060 4G
Core i9-12900H14 cores, 20 threads24M45W5.00 GHzNVI-DIA GeForce GTX 1060 4G

Including multiple USB ports,

HDMI and DisplayPort video output ports, it is compact, easy to carry and place, and suitable for use in places such as desks, living rooms, or bedrooms.

Yes, TOPTON S500+MINI PC is suitable for office workers, students, designers or photographers, home users, and technology enthusiasts. Browsing the web, watching movies, playing games, handling photos and music are all small problems that can be easily addressed. It can easily meet various daily office needs of office workers, such as handling files, emails, and browsing the web. 

The TOPTON S500+ MINI PC is compact and occupies less space, making it suitable for students to use in student dormitories or dormitories, providing them with a good learning environment.

Even more powerful is that for graphics and videos that require a lot of processor power, the TOPTON S500+MINI PC can provide sufficient performance and output. For some technology enthusiasts who like to explore computer hardware and software, the TOPTON S500+MINI PC can be the perfect choice for their experimental computers.

Eall believes that the TOPTON S500+MINI PC has very powerful functions and a wide range of application scenarios, which can truly meet many different needs of people. Have you ever used MINI PC

Is it? You can leave me a message at the bottom of Eall’s article together, and I will be back online to discuss with you at any time.

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