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Its spring is here, see the world of Mini PC

 The following is introducing mini pc about its development prospects and characteristics to most netizen customers

Many people should be wondering, Mini PC as a new thing, how is it different from traditional console.

2015 is the year of Mini PC development, many manufacturers spring like mushrooms and  launched different shapes, cool and pull of Mini PC products. And I’m just as curious about it as you are.

So far, the micro PC market has been divided into three main directions. On the one hand, it is a small personal computer for home users and offices. This kind of product has basic computing function and office software, can easily solve the daily office. At the other end of the spectrum are minicomputers aimed at gamers and high-end users, often with more processing power and graphics to meet the needs of gaming and professional applications. In addition, it is also used for industrial PC, so that the production efficiency is higher.

According to market research institutions forecast, Mini PC market will continue to grow in the next few years. As the technology continues to mature and the product continues to update and upgrade, I believe that the mini PC will be more and more favored by consumers. Meanwhile, with the development of smart home and Internet of Things, mini PC will also become an important tool to connect various smart devices.

Thus, the capacity of the micro PC market will continue to expand, and more vendors will flood the market with more diversified and competitive products in the future.

First, let’s talk about the Mini PC features.

1.Low power consumption

One is low power consumption, mini computer host also has a big advantage is low power consumption. Mini PC uses low power processor, thermal design power consumption TDP generally in 10W-17W, and the traditional large desktop host power consumption average in 100W~150W. Its power consumption is less than 1/10 of the traditional computer. If you use it for a long time, you’ll have a lot more power than a traditional computer. It also reduces the cost of electricity.

2.Small and portable

It is in small size, can let people have more space to place and arrange other items, easy to carry. When we want to go out, we put it in the bag, almost the size of a book, neither takes up space, nor is very heavy, which brings us great convenience.

3.Silent environmental protection

The rumbling noise of traditional big desktop computers is already affecting computer workers, gamers and the experience of living at home.And people can’t afford more pollution in a space where pollution sources are ubiquitous. Mini host adopts fanless cooling design, the whole machine can realize zero noise in operation, it brings quiet experience to work and life, has been deeply loved by people.

4.High cost performance

The price is relatively close to the people, generally within $200 to $500, higher configuration, the price is generally not more than $1,000, which to a certain extent for DIY users to vacate a lot of space in advance, favored by emerging consumers.

5.Strong performance

Mini PC has become more mature, after several years of exploration and accumulation, most of the mini host can meet 70% of the users of the office, entertainment and industrial control, display and play and other basic needs, although most of the mini host or set display design, but some high configuration of the mini host alone, in the overall performance is not inferior

Take our product V600 as an example.Functions have been improved in all aspects.

As a supplier of mini pc, TOPTON will show you its shinny points

TOPTON TECHNOLOGY CO., LIMITED is founded in 2016 and is located in the Dongguan, China. We have a plant area of more than 1500 square meters, of which 700 square meters are office space and 800 square meters are manufacturing workshop, With Over 20 SMT machines, 200 staff, 20 sales person team and 5000 pieces monthly production capacity to guarantee high quality and fast delivery. Our main products include Home-Office Mini PC, Industrial-Fanless PC, Powerful-Game PC, Stick&Pocket PC, LAPTOP, All in one, Industrial-Tablet etc.

Our Team

Our team( Including design, production and packaging , business , and operations department)

is young, dynamic and professional.

As a professional computer supplier, we have excellent teams who focus on product development & design, quality control & inspection and company running. In order to supply the satisfactory products and services, we have built a modern quality management system which is in strict accordance . We always adhere to the idea of innovation, integrity, mutual benefits to provide our professional services, quality products and competitive prices to our customers.

Our Service

① If you are just buying for your own project, or just buy and sell, we supply full function computers and its related product like monitors, rams and storages, neutral product with no brand or with TOPTON, all PC product warranty 3 years

② Use Brand RAM memory hard disk

③ Install Windows 10 pro/linux/Ubuntu

④ 100% Quality Warranty

Any inquiries on the our products, please feel free to contact us.

We are looking forward to establish win-win business relations with you

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