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HX99G/HX80G mini PC is absolutely correct to start TOPTON

I wonder if everyone has found out yet? 

Now, the DIY assembly desktop market is becoming increasingly sluggish, and we have also seen that both memory and hard disk prices are constantly decreasing, and even there are many low-cost graphics cards on the market. Even so, the installation market has not yet returned to its past prosperity. The main reason is actually the impact of the environment.

“We simply calculate an account, accumulate a new host, calculate the prices of CPU and graphics card, such as power supply, chassis, and water cooling. Installing a computer can cost at least $1-2, 000. Therefore, for many ordinary household users, this is also a significant expense, not to mention that many people do not have the hands-on ability of DIY.”.

However, relatively speaking, I have found that #mini_PC and other products on the market recently are particularly popular this year, especially after Xiaomi made mini PC last year, which has made more people aware of these products. Indeed, compared to #desktop_PC, mini PC have many advantages, such as their small size and strong performance. Generally, families can fully use them. The key is that the price is also cheap. You can buy a mini PC with excellent performance for more than $200. Especially now, the CPU performance is really strong, and the performance of the core display is completely different from that of the past. For example, the core display performance of TOPTON’s HX80G has caught up with the level of #Intel_GTX_1050Ti.


Is one of these mini PC. Personally, I think it is the best among foreign brands. However, if you buy a mini PC with an AMD CPU in mind, then the best choice now is definitely to choose TOPTON, and I will not accept a rebuttal. TOPTON_ The performance of the HX99G is the strongest, but the price is also close to $1000, which is TOPTON_ The HX80G series has a full price performance ratio, and I personally can accept a price of more than $800. It can also be connected to an external display and graphics card dock, which is very popular.

So, considering comprehensively, I started this TOPTON_ HX99G mini computer, let me share with you next, is this host easy to use?

Carrying Ryzen ™ 9’s TOPTON_ HX99G, actually mini PC to TOPTON_ There is no essential difference between the HX80G and there is not much performance improvement. Ryzen ™ The maximum frequency of the 9 is 4.9 GHz, while the HX80G is 4.7 GHz, so it’s okay to buy any version, almost the same, whichever version is available!!

Let’s talk about the size. Intuitively,

If you first touch a mini PC, TOPTON_ The HX99G may subvert your perception of computers. It’s really very small, with a palm size of 20.5cm 20.3cm, which is not exaggerated at all. Therefore, I can’t help but worry about its heat dissipation. Then let’s take a look at the design of this small mainframe. The overall fuselage is made of a carbon fiber shell, with air inlets on the left and right sides, and heat sinks on the back of the fuselage. A reasonable air duct design is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the machine.

So, let’s take a look at heat dissipation first. We found that the honeycomb surface design is used on the top of the machine, which is beneficial for heat dissipation. You can see that two heat dissipation fans are used for liquid metal heat dissipation, and the entire machine adopts a 7 heat pipe design. I think this design is very interesting. I have done enough homework for cooling the machine.

The front and rear sides are all the interfaces of the host computer. The front of the machine is equipped with a standard USB 3.2 Gen2 interface/1 USB 4 port and a blue power switch. The rear is equipped with a standard USB 3.2 Gen2 interface/2 USB 4 port/2 HDMI/1 Power Supply interface/and a 3.5mm headphone jack. First of all, the front and rear interfaces are highly praised. They can run a mobile hard disk at a full speed of up to 3200MB/s. They can also be connected to a portable screen and graphics card dock, providing high playability. This way, the cables of the external display are placed behind them without being abrupt.

TOPTON has equipped all the latest mini hosts with small power supplies, and finally eliminated the brick like power supply. It’s very nice. At the same time, the wireless network card supports WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.

The mini PC optical host cannot be used, and requires an additional screen and mouse to use it. The biggest advantage of the mini PC notebook is that it can be used with a large screen display. The 27 inch display I have been using can be directly connected, and the desktop is not as crowded as a large desktop computer.

In the CPU Z test, Ryzen ™ The 9-HX99G processor has a running score of 622.5 points for single core performance and 6396 points for multi core performance. The adjustment was good, and the results were excellent.

Two 16G DDR5 IRIDA memory, also a big brand

I feel very conscientious about TOPTON. The accessories used are all big brands, which will also be more stable. Using AIDA 64 to run memory read and write, the read speed is 51587MB/s, the write speed is 55201MB/s, the copy speed is 50871MB/s, and the latency is 98.3ns. The running score is good. It’s true that DDR5 memory is much better than DDR4 memory today.

I am using the standard hard disk provided by TOPTON. Although it is a Kingston hard disk, TOPTON will not be used with the hard disk when purchasing at this price, but this hard disk is somewhat unable to exert the full performance of this host, because TOPTON”_ The HX99G supports PCIe 4.0 hard disks, and there is no problem running to 7400 MB/s for read and write. Let’s take a look at the running score of this original hard disk. The sequential read and write speeds are 4850.30MB/s and 2126.52MB/s, respectively. The hard disk capacity is 512GB, and if it’s not enough, TOPTON also has a sata interface hard disk expansion bit. You can choose to add a hard disk.

However, I think it would be better to have a hard disk that supports 7000MB/s read and write if I wanted to maximize the full performance of this host. By the way, upgrading the capacity of the hard disk, 512GB is really not enough, so I bought a Seagate Coolplay 530 2TB solid-state hard disk. This hard disk has a nominal maximum read capacity of 7400 MB/s, so I plan to upgrade the original hard disk.

Upgrading a solid-state drive is actually very simple. When the power is off, remove the old drive and install a new one. However, if you replace a hard disk with a system disk like this, you still need to reinstall the system after replacing it. The driver can be found on the official website. After installing the system, it is best to install the driver from the original factory.

After installing Seagate’s Coldplay 530 1TB solid state hard disk and entering the system, you can see that the hard disk capacity has been upgraded from 512GB to 1TB. The official promotion of Coldplay 530 hard disk supports a read speed of up to 7300MB/s. Therefore, after installing, it is better to take a run to see how the read and write performance is?

Using the Crystal DiskMark speed measurement software, Seagate’s 530 1TB sequential read speed has reached 7012.46MB/s and write speed has reached 5853.50MB/s, which is several times faster than the original Kingston hard disk, with 4250.30MB/s read speed and 1826.52MB/s write speed. It seems that TOPTON has improved performance_ The PCIe 3.2 interface of the HX99G host is indeed very strong. Now, taking advantage of the price reduction of the hard disk, I think it is really necessary to upgrade the hard disk and bring the full performance of the host into play. Moreover, the upgraded Seagate hard disk has enough capacity of 1TB, and the previous 512GB is indeed a bit small.

TOPTON_ The CPU of the TOPTON_HX80G is AMD’s Raptor R7-7735HS processor

Core display is AMD Radeon 680M. Why is this core display so popular and called the strongest core display? Let’s specifically test how strong the performance of this nuclear display is. In the 3DARK test, it can be seen that TOPTON_ The HX80G running score after the Time Spy test was 2724 points, with a graphics card score of 2428 and a CPU score of 8843.

In fact, even so, because there is no independent graphics card, if you want to play games with high quality graphics, my suggestion is that it is better to have a high-end desktop computer. Of course,

TOPTON_ The HX80G has a USB 3.2 interface, equivalent to a Thunderbolt three interface, and can be connected to an independent graphics dock. Connecting to an external graphics dock solves the problem of playing large 3A games. However, the current price of the graphics dock is relatively expensive, even costing $820 more than the mini computer itself, so I don’t think it’s very user-friendly. Let’s see if we can reduce the price later.

Finally, let’s talk about some advantages and disadvantages of TOPTON in making mini PC. First of all, I think TOPTON has become very mature in making mini PC. Although the fuselage is not large, it has done a good job of heat dissipation, and the noise control of the fans is particularly small. It is almost impossible to hear the rotating noise of the fans in daily use. This can be seen that TOPTON has become increasingly mature in making mini PC.

In addition, TOPTON has equipped a mini PC with a small power supply, which has previously been controversial. The large power supply has disappeared, making it much more convenient to at least bring it with you when you go out. This newly designed power supply is about the same size as the phone’s charging head.

Of course, although now TOPTON_ The core display of the HX99G is indeed very powerful, but if there is a mini computer with an independent graphics card in the future, I think it will be able to truly have the confidence of PK traditional desktop computers at that time. Okay, let’s just talk about it. What do you think of TOPTON’s mini PC? Welcome to the comment area to discuss together.

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