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The TOPTON-F10 evaluation content is a bit surprising!

Nowadays, many families rarely have computers. Since the advent of smartphones, many people’s entertainment methods have been replaced by mobile phones, from computers to televisions. Therefore, I have found that many relatives and friends around me rarely have computers. Even if they have desktops, they are afraid of occupying land and want to sell them. However, many young families still use computers as standard equipment at home, which can be dispensed with, but must be provided. Indeed, no matter how powerful a phone or tablet, it cannot replace a computer as a productivity tool. However, it must be admitted that mobile phones have replaced many functions of computers.

However, the development of desktop computers today is indeed a bit extreme. In fact, the size of desktop computers in the past was not particularly large, but they were actually relatively small. 

Look at the fact that desktop computers are becoming larger and larger in order to pursue light pollution. However, I have found that products such as mini PCs such as NUC have begun to appear on the market, making the host computer very small and with good performance, fully meeting general work needs, and even some mini hosts have the same performance as flagship desktop computers. 

The significance of making a mini PC so small is that it can save more desktop space and completely solve the pain points of most families.

Topton’s $1000 mini computer, model: F10,

looked at the configuration, No Ram No Storage-i9-12900H RTX3050Tisilver, and the storage combination of RTX 3050/3050Ti 4G GDDR6 (merchants can customize higher configurations). I felt that it was fully qualified for my office needs, and I didn’t plan to use a desktop computer at home at ordinary times. 

Putting the desktop computer in the unit and a small mini computer at home was enough, mainly due to the small size of the body. I also thought, Being able to move the room casually, in case of a good movie, it’s okay to put the living room on the TV and watch the movie. So I started one and have been experiencing it for over half a month. I’ll talk to everyone about whether this host is easy to use and worth buying.

After getting the TOPTON-F10 machine, first take a look at the size of the fuselage, which really subverts my perception. The entire fuselage is equivalent to the size of the TV box used in our home. It is really very compact, with a square and upright appearance, and nothing special. However, it still looks very comfortable, very consistent with my aesthetic as a science and engineering student. Regarding the interface, there are two USB 3.0 interfaces on the front of the Topton-F10, as well as a fully functional Type-C interface. This interface can be used to connect to the display. There is also a 3.5mm audio interface on one side, and the leftmost one is to clear the CMOS hole.

On the back of the fuselage are two gigabit LAN ports, four USB 3.0 ports, two HDMI ports, and power adapter ports. Just mentioned that there is a Type-C interface on the front of the machine that can be connected to external displays, plus two HDMI interfaces on the back of the machine.

Topton’s small host can actually connect to three monitors at the same time. For users who like to group multiple screens, there is no need to worry about replacing the small host without being able to have dual screens, which is still fine. However, it is recommended that the official can place the Type-C interface on the front of the machine behind the machine, so that the cables will not be so messy.

Next, take a look at the machine. There are five screws at the bottom of the machine. Unscrew the screws and you can remove the back cover. When removing the back cover, be careful not to break the lower cable. This cable is connected to a 2.5 inch hard disk slot. Later, you can install a 2.5 inch mechanical hard disk or solid-state hard disk to expand the storage space of the computer.

Opening the back cover, you can see that although the body of the Topton-F10 is very small, the internal motherboard, hard disk, and memory are arranged in a very neat manner. It is definitely a product of a large factory. I have learned specifically about the TOPTON brand, which has always been the top seller of mini hosts abroad, and is well known. It is also easy to understand that the motherboard design of this host is so exquisite. 

There are a total of two memory module slots on the motherboard, one of which is inserted with an 8GB 2933MHz memory module. Later, you can upgrade yourself with an additional 8GB memory and a 16GB dual channel. The hard disk is a 500GB M.2 SATA3 2280 solid-state hard disk.

In terms of configuration, the CPU of this mini computer is equipped with Intel’s 11th generation processor, an RTX 3050/3050Ti 4G GDDR6 with good performance. This CPU uses a 14nm process, which is excellent in terms of performance and power consumption. Therefore, many ultra-thin laptops use this series of CPUs without built-in fans, and this CPU can operate well with active cooling. However, TOPTON still provides it with two silent fans, so even if it is used for a long time, there is absolutely no need to worry about performance degradation due to heat dissipation issues. Theoretically, compared to laptops equipped with the same CPU, the Topton F10 has stronger performance, as the CPU can run at full capacity.

This is a dual DDR4 8GB memory module with dual channels. The network card supports WIFI 6 and Bluetooth 4.0. To be honest, it is very useful for daily use, after all, the price is $1000.

Finally, let’s summarize.

Overall, this TOPTON mini host with a price of 1000 yuan can completely meet the needs of most families in terms of performance. When it comes to whether it can replace an ordinary desktop computer, it’s not hypocritical to say that the i7-12700H RTX3050, i9-12900H RTX3050Ti, so compared to the old desktop computer at home, the performance is still very adequate. However, the fuselage is much smaller than an ordinary desktop computer, which is as large as a TV box. 

It is really very convenient for daily use. You can freely place it anywhere in the home and share a scene that I use. For example, I downloaded 4K high-definition movies using TOPTON in my bedroom. Previously, I had to copy them to a mobile hard disk and plug them into the TV to watch them. Now, just plug the Topton F10 into the TV. This is something that ordinary desktop computers cannot do.

Of course, occasionally on business trips, you can even bring it with you. So, I think currently, it’s completely OK for mini consoles like TOPTON to replace ordinary desktops, but if you play large 3A games, there’s absolutely no problem with mini computers that support independent graphics cards. I estimate this is the trend.

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