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Can I take my laptop with me on the plane? After reading this article, you will know what to do

Many users need to travel by plane because of their work or life, but there is strict control over the items they carry by plane, and it is impossible to determine whether laptops can be taken on the plane. This article, in combination with airline regulations, talks about “whether laptops can be taken on the plane”.

Can I take my laptop with me on the plane?

The answer is yes, as long as it is not a super-large or super-heavy notebook computer, it can be carried on the aircraft. Although airlines have strict restrictions on electronic equipment to be carried on the aircraft, conventional notebook computers are not included in this line. Generally, they are not allowed to be used on the aircraft, but they are allowed to be carried off, and generally will not be prevented.

Why are laptops allowed to take on the plane?

According to the Notice on Enhancing the Safety of Air Transport of Lithium Batteries in Passenger Luggage issued by the Civil Aviation Administration, passengers are required to carry lithium or lithium ion snacks with a rated energy value of no more than 100Wh (watt hours). If the equipment exceeds 100Wh but is less than 160Wh, it can be checked in after being approved by the airline.

Generally, the capacity of notebook battery is less than 100Wh. Take TOPTON-L6 notebook computer for example, the capacity of lithium battery is 48Wh, so it can be carried on the plane.

What should I pay attention to when I take my laptop on the plane?

Although laptops are electronic products, airlines have very little restrictions on them. Each airline also allows passengers to carry luggage on the plane, preferably with them, as long as they do not start on the plane. Generally, it is not recommended to check them in. There is no danger in the process of checking in, but the handling method after landing is very brutal (not all airports have brutal loading and unloading behavior), High-intensity vibration or impact during handling may cause damage to the laptop.

Conclusion: Laptops are portable devices. Even for laptops with a 21-inch screen, the ratio of width to height is “16:9”, and the width is about 50cm, which does not exceed the baggage carrying limit of most airlines.

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