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What is the difference between laptop and tablet?

The difference between notebook computers and tablet computers is that they have different forms, different systems, different use restrictions, different sense of experience, different maintenance, different hardware, different definitions, different network connection methods, different input methods, and different application environments. Here’s the difference between notebook and tablet.

1. Different forms: most laptops use non-touch operation, and occasionally touch screen, while most tablets use touch operation, and its structure is very compact and simple;

2. Different systems: the main systems of the tablet now include Google’s Android system, Microsoft’s Windows system, and Apple’s IOS operating system. The current notebooks are basically based on the ‘win7 system;

3. Different use restrictions: the tablet is small and easy to carry, and can be recharged directly by using the power bank; However, laptop charging is not enough. It needs to be plugged in and used for a long time;

4. The experience is different: the tablet can be operated anywhere, while the laptop must be placed on the table or knee. Therefore, compared with the two, the tablet is more convenient

5. The maintenance is different: the notebook computer is more convenient to upgrade or replace parts in terms of hardware configuration, while the tablet computer is an integrated design, so it is basically impossible to upgrade the hardware. In case of damage, it is difficult to replace parts;

6. The hardware is different: because the tablet computer is light and portable, its processor is basically developed based on ARM architecture, which is suitable for leisure and entertainment, while the CPU of the notebook computer uses Intel and AMD, which can meet the all-round needs of users;

7. Different definitions: notebook, also known as portable computer, is a small and portable personal computer. The tablet computer is also called a tablet computer, which is a small and portable personal computer with a touch screen as the basic input device;

8. Different network connection modes: laptops can be connected through wired network, which is more stable and faster, and supports WIFI connection. The tablet computer is connected by using WIFI, mobile data network and other methods, which will be worse in terms of stability, security and network speed;

9. Input methods are different: most commands of tablet computers are input through fingers, while microphone and gravity sensing are used to assist special operation input. Most of the input of the notebook is realized by keyboard, mouse and touch pad, and occasionally by microphone or other peripheral devices;

10. Different application environments: tablets are suitable for entertainment, business travel and travel. Because it is very convenient to carry, it is no problem to chat online and play small games. Notebooks are suitable for students, business people, etc! The performance is superior to that of the tablet. You can play large online games.

What technologies do tablets have?

The touch screen owned by tablet computer is also called digital board technology, which allows users to work through a stylus or digital pen instead of traditional keyboard or mouse. Users can use built-in handwriting recognition, on-screen soft keyboard, voice recognition or a real keyboard.

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