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Will Mini Hosts Really Replace Desktops? Let’s Talk about Some Concerns for Everyone Ryzen 7 5800H

I don’t know if everyone has noticed. As soon as 2023, the shipment volume of the DIY installation market began to sharply decrease. Even if the prices of memory modules and solid-state drives continue to decline, it cannot reverse the decline of the DIY installation market.

So many people analyze that the smartphone market has affected the computer market, and I initially agreed with this view. However, I found that as another variant of desktop computers, mini consoles have unexpectedly become popular this year.

In previous years, only individual brands such as Intel’s NUC and domestic TOPTON were making mini consoles. Now, many brands are also entering the mini console market, especially after AMD launched the brand new sixth generation processor of the Ryzen last year.

For example, the representative Ryzen 7 5800H processor, equipped with the Radeon 580M core display, directly elevates the core display performance to the level of the desktop independent graphics card GTX 1050Ti. Notebooks, mini consoles, and even micro handheld devices equipped with this series of processors have received special attention.

In fact, since the launch of Xiaomi Mini Hosts at the end of last year, it has once again boosted the popularity of the Mini Hosts market. However, at that time, Xiaomi did not release the highly popular AMD R7 5800H version, but instead released the Intel processor version, which also brought some regret. 

However, following Xiaomi’s entry into the mini host market recently, another new brand TOPTON has officially entered the mini host market. Its first mini host TOPTON-5800H is also equipped with the R7 5800H performance processor we just mentioned, and its initial price has also been extended to the 2K price range.

I also got this console as soon as possible. After all, is it a new product or a brand new? Many friends may also have many concerns about products like mini consoles. I have been using them for almost half a month now. Let’s talk about whether this TOPTON mini console equipped with 5800H is good or not?

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