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Mini PC and a computer?Things About You Should Consider Before Buying

Both the industrial control computer mini PC and the computer belong to the computer, and the main structure is composed of CPU, memory, and memory. However, due to different fields of use, there are significant differences in their respective designs. Computers are mainly used for office and entertainment, while industrial computers are mainly used for industrial control. What is the difference between them?



A computer is a modern electronic computing machine used for high-speed computing, which can perform numerical calculations, logical calculations, and storage and memory functions. It is a modern intelligent electronic device capable of automatically and high-speed processing massive data in accordance with the program. A computer composed of a hardware system and a software system that does not have any software installed is called a bare metal computer.

Main categories: supercomputers, industrial control computers, mini pc industrial control computers, network computers, personal computers, and embedded computers. The more advanced computers include biological computers, photonic computers, and quantum computers.


Industrial computer mini PC

Industrial Personal Computer (IPC), which is an industrial control computer, is a generic term for tools that use a bus structure and are mainly used to monitor and control machinery and equipment, production processes, data parameters, etc. in industrial production processes.

Industrial control computers pay more attention to stability in different environments, such as beverage production line control, automotive production line control, etc., in harsh environments with high requirements for dust, water, and static electricity prevention.

Main classification: IPC (PC bus industrial computer), PLC (programmable control system), DCS (distributed control system), FCS (field bus system), and CNC (numerical control system).

Different appearance

Computer: Because most of them are placed in the office or home, the environment is generally better. The appearance of computers pursues beauty and convenience. Therefore, the appearance of an ordinary computer is basically a vertical chassis, which is usually equipped with only one power cooling fan, and the CPU and graphics card will be equipped with an internal cooling fan.

Industrial personal computer mini PC: The use environment is usually harsh. For example: industrial dust, electromagnetic interference, vibration, etc. In order to prevent electromagnetic interference, the chassis of industrial personal computers are all made of fully toughened industrial chassis conforming to the “EIA” standard, which enhances the ability to resist electromagnetic interference. In order to prevent dust, the chassis generally adopts positive pressure convection ventilation, with two fans installed, and a dust filter screen installed at the air outlet. In order to resist vibration, industrial control computers adopt a bus structure and modular design.

Different structures

Computer: The CPU, memory, disk, and graphics card are installed directly on the motherboard. Communication efficiency between various components is higher, and the performance of computer configurations is generally higher.

Industrial control computer mini PC: Adopt bus structure and modular design. It has a passive motherboard with modular components. The CPU motherboard must be inserted in a dedicated slot on the passive motherboard. Other modular expansion boards are inserted into the expansion slots of the passive motherboard. The resistors, capacitors, and inductors on each module are designed with stronger anti-interference capabilities.

Different scalability

Computer: The scalability of a computer depends entirely on the interfaces reserved on the motherboard. Generally, there are only 2-4 memory slots, 2-5 hard disk interfaces, and 2-4 PCIE slots at most. This scalability can basically meet desktop entertainment and office use.

Industrial personal computer mini PC: For industrial control needs, there are very many slots on the passive motherboard of the industrial personal computer, which can expand up to 20 boards. These boards can be used to receive industrial control signals. It can transmit various industrial control protocols.

Different usage environments

Computers: Basically, they are equipped with the latest Windows operating system. Of course, Apple computers are generally equipped with Mac OS. The software is basically standard with office suites, video, social networking, gaming, and other software. Operating system optimization is basically aimed at optimizing front-end programs.

Industrial PC mini PC: Most industrial PCs are also equipped with the Windows operating system, but they are often equipped with older Windows in order to adapt to industrial control software. In terms of software, because it is dedicated to the industrial control field, it is necessary to install dedicated industrial control software. When tuning the operating system, you will also face the optimization of industrial control software.

Industrial computers and commercial computers have always been mutually reinforcing and inseparable. They have different fields of application, but they interact and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology.

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